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Special Autumn Event at Koshun Farm Park - A Big Hit with Potato Digging Experience!

Hello, dear visitors of Koshun Farm Park!

While we're typically known as a strawberry-picking paradise, a special event took place this past weekend on September 23rd and 24th. It was the autumn potato digging experience! 🍠✨

Many families came to enjoy the cool autumn breeze and dig up plump potatoes. Seeing the smiling faces of the children and the joy of the adults made it clear that there's more to our farm than just strawberry picking.

And as a special surprise, we also had a photo session with our big tractor! 🚜 Kids struck poses in front of the tractor while adults captured these moments with their cameras. Surely, a memorable experience for every family.

By the way, our potatoes might not be as sweet as our strawberries, but when boiled or roasted, they turn into a delicious treat. We're thrilled to provide fun experiences even outside the strawberry-picking season.

Speaking of strawberry picking, it's Koshun Farm Park's signature attraction. But, potato digging is gradually gaining traction. Strawberries and potatoes, two experiences that seem different at first glance, but both are equally fun! We plan to host the potato digging experience again next autumn, so stay tuned!

For those eagerly awaiting the strawberry-picking season, worry not! Even after the potato digging, Koshun Farm Park is busy preparing for the strawberries. When winter arrives, we'll once again enjoy sweet strawberries together!

Until then, enjoy the flavors of autumn and the lovely memories with our tractor! 🍠🍁🚜

Looking forward to seeing you again in the next strawberry-picking season! Warm regards, The Koshun Farm Park Team


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